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chAlet - scenery in the foreground/background of the forest, that observes, sees and perceives, does not compete with it, only allows its unlimited sight.


The original chAlet built in the 70s got the chance to provide recreation or even housing with all actual demands and needs. Changing the volume was not necessary, the challenge was to integrate the whole comfort into a small floor plan. One of the bedrooms on the 1st floor has been removed to open the view from new living room, kitchen and also from the loft. Kitchen has a room for all equipment, bench and beds hiding storage. Bathroom attracts with a recessed bathtub that allows spectacular view through roof window.

Generous 2-level terrace with a playground /sandpit, slide, climbing wall/ and relax zone connects chAlet to the forest.

Bearing elements, roofing and interior staircase have been preserved during the reconstruction as well as a basement. The most expressive element of the reconstruction is the aluminum façade with a green entrance door, larch cladding on the north facade and the larch terrace. OSB panels /cladding, kitchen, storage/ and oak /kitchen board, floor/ dominates in the interior.


chAlet took the chance to become a livable all year round. The detailed description is not needed for a simple reason - genius loci.

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